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Elder abuse, no matter which form it takes, is wrong. Elder abuse can take the form of physical, sexual, emotional, financial or spiritual abuse. Unfortunately, elder abuse is rising at an alarming rate in BC and we are aware of this unfortunate fact.

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Abusers are often caregivers or family members of the abused. We recommend that you dial 911 or your local emergency number, immediately, if the abuse is physical. However, if the abuse is financial abuse of the elderly, then we will be able to assist and protect the abused. Elder abuse litigation is geared towards financial abuse of the elderly. A majority of the time, elder abuse occurs behind closed doors, and without early intervention, the elderly person can quickly be stripped of their income and assets.

Often, financial gain is the cause of BC elder abuse. As a result, the abuser is often someone the elderly person trusts. The financial abuse can take the form of fraud, deception, or manipulation. Financial abuse includes any actions that decrease the net worth of an elderly person without actually providing any type of benefit to the elderly person.

Some examples of financial elder abuse, as listed on the Government of Canada web page, include;

  • misusing or stealing a senior’s assets, property or money;
  • cashing an elderly person’s cheques without authorization;
  • forging an elderly person’s signature;
  • unduly pressuring seniors to make or change a will, or to sign legal documents that they do not fully understand; and,
  • sharing an older person’s home without paying a fair share of the expenses when requested.

The World Health Organization states that elder abuse is a violation of basic human rights. We fully agree with this fact and work vigorously to ensure our elderly clients are taken care of and protected.

In order to protect yourself or a loved one from elder abuse, remember to always prevent elder abuse, report elder abuse and lastly, to get informed about elder abuse.

You may prevent elder abuse by managing your own financial affairs as much as possible, by planning ahead and making your wishes known, learning to say ‘No’ if someone is pressuring you for money and by ensuring you read and understand every document you sign.

You may report elder abuse by talking to someone you trust, calling 911 or your local police, or by calling the numbers listed below.

If you feel or suspect that your loved ones are victims of elder abuse, please contact our office quickly so that we may assist and protect the victim.

Alternatively, you may also call the,

  • BC Seniors health care support line toll free at 1-877-952-3181;
  • the BC Seniors abuse and information line toll free at 1-866-437-1940; or,
  • if you feel that the attorney you have appointed under your Power of Attorney is misusing their powers then you can call the Public Guardian and trustee at 604-660-2421 in Vancouver, at 250-387-6121 in Victoria, or at 1-800-663-7867 in other parts of BC.

Always remember that when you take steps to protect yourself from elder abuse, you are also taking steps to protect your Estate, which you have worked hard for.

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