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All practicing lawyers in BC are Notary Publics – but notaries cannot practice law – except to the extent necessary to create and file wills and Land Title Office documents. Our lawyers provide most popular notary services. As lawyers may be unavailable during lunches, hospital visits or court appearances – it is best to call ahead to ensure a lawyer is available to provide you notary services when you arrive.

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Our Surrey Notary Lawyer Services

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Notarizing Documents

Many forms require notarizing for use within Canada and internationally.  All of our lawyers are also notary publics and are able to notarize your documents.

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Certified True Copies

Many government and private agencies and organizations require certified true copies of your original documents.  As lawyers and notary publics, we are able to review your original document and certify a copy as a true copy of the original which may then be submitted to the proper agency.

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Travel Authorizations

If your child is not travelling with both legal parents, then you will require a travel authorization allowing your child to travel with your spouse or other family members or friends.  Otherwise, your child may be denied entry for travel.  Our lawyers are able to witness your signature to ensure that the travel authorization is properly and duly executed.

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Affidavits & Statutory Declarations

An affidavit or statutory declaration is a document that is sworn or affirmed in person before a lawyer, notary public or commissioner for oaths.  Examples are ICBC documents, insurance forms and court documents.

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Invitation Letters

When you wish to invite family members or friends to Canada, the federal government requires an invitation letter which may include undertakings from the person signing that they will be responsible (including financially) for such persons.  The invitation letter can then be sworn or affirmed in person and signed before one of our lawyers.

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Custodianship Declarations

These statutory declarations are required when children or foreign students are lodged with custodians (family members or paid caregivers) within a school district’s catchment area.

Legal Costs:

We provide affordable and reasonable rates for notarizing documents.  Please contact our office for a quote.

In order to make efficient use of your time, before you attend at our office, we ask the following:

  1. Bring two pieces of ID, one of which must be government issued WITH your photo.  Your driver’s license or passport for example.
  2. Fill out the document to be notarized as much as possible BUT DO NOT date it or sign it.  Our lawyers must witness your signing of the document in person.
  3. If you wish us to certify a true copy of a document, please bring the ORIGINAL document with you.  We cannot certify a copy of a document.

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