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In British Columbia, an individual’s Will is governed by the Wills Estates and Succession Act (“WESA”).

Part 4 of WESA outlines the fundamental rules that must be followed to ensure your Will is valid in BC.

These rules include that the Will-maker must have mental capacity and also be at least 16 years of age or older in order to make a valid Will. A valid Will must further be in writing and signed by the Will-maker in the presence of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries under the Will.

A Simple Will makes it clear who the Executors and Beneficiaries under a Will are. A Simple Will can have up to 5 beneficiaries who receive a deceased person’s Estate either equally or in different shares. A Simple Will does not list each personal effect owned by a Will-maker, deal with the distribution of a business upon the Will-makers death or set up any complex trusts. More complex matters of this nature entail drafting an Enhanced Will.

A Simple Will may be sufficient if you are still relatively young, have few assets, have no children from a previous marriage, and if you do not expect anyone to bring an action to vary (challenge) your Will.

A well drafted Simple Will can take into consideration many changes that may occur in your lifetime so that it does not need to be amended. However, you should consider making or changing your Will in BC anytime your financial or personal situation changes significantly. These changes may include a new marriage, divorce or birth of a new child. It is prudent to review your Will every few years to ensure your Estate is distributed according to your wishes.

Depending on the type of assets you own, there may be better estate planning methods to ensure that your Estate is distributed according to your wishes and also in a tax effective manner.

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